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Outback Excelsior 6 burner BBQ Video

The Excelsior 6 burner is the largest cooking surface that Outback make.

5 on the grill surface to give you great control for the food you are cooking, and a grill plate on the side where you can cook prawns and smaller foods.

A huge warming shelf at the top, allowing you to put all your cooked food there and to keep it nice and warm. There is also a side burner which is great for all your favourite sauces, condiments you may cook or even for cooking baked beans on the side.

Either side of the grilling service there are two trays for all your utensils while you are cooking. At the bottom there is a gas bottle shelf, and with the wheels its possible to move your barbecue safely.

Close the lid and it becomes an outdoor oven. With the heat indicator at the top controlled by the heat controls it allows you to use it as an outdoor oven.

The Excelsior 6 comes with a 10 year warranty and a free cover and don’t forget. Don’t forget , once you’ve chosen your barbecue you also get free next day delivery.

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